NOVEMBER 2ND, 2020 - JANUARY 4TH, 2020

The debut photo exhibit from Baltimore-based P.S. Opirhory explores a post-war family home in which rays of light and shadows suffuse chairs, hallways, and walls with the eidetic refraction of lives lived by three overlapping generations.

Bring-Forth re-imagines a narrow edit of luminous medium-format selections from his book "Fair Lawn" as larger and more expressive statements. Returning regularly to the home owned by his family for five decades — in which his mother had returned to be with his aging grandmother — Opirhory distills years of images into a loose map of empty rooms shining with perceptions that sit outside the literal.

Embracing a methodology that prioritizes temporal observation and engagement, Opirhory's sustained communion with his surroundings invites references from cinema as much as still photography.