APRIL 7TH - MAY 12TH, 2018 

Dreams, philosophy and drama. Tableaux that capture a potential moment inviting the viewer to complete the narrative.

As a child I created miniature Napoleonic and Civil War military dioramas researched to display a critical moment in a historic battle.  This lead to enclosed binocular-sized and doll house scale dioramas peeping into moody landscapes and ambiguous, surreal interiors. These physical world dioramas included carefully curated objects, some found, others created by hand. Now, my virtual dioramas are infinitely scalable containing objects like cargo ships, paper airplanes, a kiddie pool and, yes, a Civil War canon.  They are still all meticulously built by hand but now out of pixels and painted with code.  Ironically, while this direction was an deliberate attempt on my part to move away from building physical dioramas, within the last few months I appear to have come full circle and am building them again but now assisted by 3D printing technology.

Technical information:
These printed scenes are rendered from virtual 3D dioramas. The objects are digitally built, textured and positioned. Code is created for the *camera* point of view and angle, the lighting and shadows as well as the transparency and reflective quality of all the objects' surfaces. Once rendered, the images are printed in limited editions at high resolution on archival matte paper as large as 41" x 55".

DS Bakker has been interested in building miniature worlds and objects since the age of five.  Along the way he picked up painting and drawing.  Though he considers himself a fine artist first, he has a long career as a prop and set designer for theater and film productions and advertising campaigns.  Each commercial opportunity is a chance to learn new and hone old skills.  Clients include such diverse ones as Anne Klein, Baltimore Ballet Company, Baltimore Sun Paper, Dow Chemical, Kohler, Molson Golden Ale, The Maryland Science Center, NASA, New York Times Magazine, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Wired Magazine.  Beside teaching, he currently works as a designer for Custom Model Railroads building high end scale model structures for private clients and museums.

His fine art oriented work is quietly personal miniature dioramas influenced by a love of dreams, philosophy, the absurd and theatrical drama.  With this centuries’ recent technical advances in 3D design and fabrication, he quickly became entranced and has been exploring the possibilities What you see here are the most recent results of that exploration.