A Trio of Nationally Recognized Photographic Artists to Exhibit Unique Contact Print Series at Full Circle Gallery.

Full Circle Gallery is pleased to present Paper & Plate, a group exhibition showcasing the work of three artists who work with the traditional technique of contact printing, a process defined by placing an object directly onto sensitized paper, glass, or film during exposure. 


Paper & Plate features artists from Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas, each of whom address a range of ideas. Jay Gould’s multiple and overlapping 6inch x 17inch negatives emphasize the tactility of light sensitive material, and the boundaries and effort involved in the creation of these works. In John Joyce’s tiny 6cm x 6cm images on palladium he explores the small and intimate experiences of landscapes and the environment by taking into consideration the theme of man vs. nature in his series, Controlled Burns. Conversely, Robert Langham’s kinetic still lives highlight Man, the landscape, and how the environment shapes culture and the inner lives of kindred beings.


By focusing on the analog process of contact prints, each artist seeks to not only return to photography’s roots but to also bring in the element of the photographer’s hand, which can be lost in the technological topography that is the 21st century photography. The works present in the gallery each demonstrate a highly comprehensive understanding of the darkroom and the ability to look beyond our environments. The smaller scale of the works draws the viewer physically closer to examine the finer details of both the images and the objects requiring personal space to be broken and creates a more tailored experience. 


Featured Artists: Jay Gould, John Joyce, and Robert Langham.