APRIL 1ST - MAY 15TH, 2017

Raising Daughters: Women of the Valley is a photographic exploration into the swiftly changing roles of women living in Nepal. Photographer Chrissy Fitchett introduces viewers to real, multi-generational figures who are in the midst of an expansive conversion of traditional Nepalese roles.

In recent decades, Nepal has undergone rapid political and social transformations, especially in regards to women’s access to education and participation in economic activity. In the past, a woman in her early 40’s living in Nepal might have been entirely excluded from formal education in her youth, but now her daughters are completing masters’ degrees. And while education is a transformative and powerful force of inclusion and opportunity for women, what holds them together is a social knowledge that is incapable of being described through formal measure.

With beautifully descriptive portraits, personally revealing domestic details and context setting landscapes, Fitchett’s photographs examine her subjects within the context of their own ancestry and contemporary socio-political circumstances.