Sweet Broth, A Cure For Those Windows

November 10, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Created during Shay’s color darkroom residency at Full Circle, a gallery and photography center in two combined old row houses in Baltimore. Shay used this period to build layered chromogenic photographs centered around gender, sexuality, family, and domesticity; utilizing color to reimagine these ideas, and explore the space between fiction and reality.

These images are made in a unique process invented by Shay. They make images on black and white negatives and bring those negatives into a color darkroom, selecting each color individually and often adding multiple layers of exposure.

Tarp (Self Portrait) is part of an ongoing effort to represent the temporality of being non-binary. The images become non-representational self portraits focused on somatics, and the articulation of self through the actions and poetics required of their body in the color darkroom.

Sweet Broth, A Cure For Those Windows, a 80 x 128” silver gelatin photograph made up of multiple sheets of photographic paper, is collapsed single 35mm image, furthering Shay’s interest in expanding and contrasting architecture as a means to explore complex notions of self, gender, and representation. This work is a meditation of traditional family structures and values, pictured is a collapsed Persian scene, with a woman staring back at the camera from an apartment window above.